cloudmine is an online apps marketplace and incubator, providing cloud SaaS & IaaS services for the resource industry.

cloudmine brings together a powerful consortium of mining industry thought-leaders, resource professionals and application developers to promote technology development.

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how cloudmine works

We focus on apps that are blue ocean, discrete & deliver high value to customers - Nic Pollock, CEO


Cloudmine sources the highest quality applications from leading mining software developers.


Cloudmine packages, secures and publishes an online, web browser native version of their product to the cloudmine Apps store marketplace.


Mmining professionals access the latest in high-value mining Apps for a low monthly cost.

Our Team

Shanon Loughton


Shanon Loughton is an Engineer and Entrepreneur with more than 12 years of experience in the technology sector.

He has a broad range of skills in software businesses from sales and support, to full software product lifecycle design, engineering, QA, production and delivery.

Shanon is an accredited Amazon Web Services associate.

Kirsty Danby


Kirsty Danby is the founding principal of Platform Communications.

She has 16 years’ experience in the corporate communications and public relations arenas, including work as an in-house consultant for BHP Billiton, Woodside Energy and Alcoa.

Kirsty’s strong grasp of marketing and strategic communications concepts, combined with her in depth knowledge of the resource sector gives her unique insight into our client’s needs.

Nic Pollock


Nic has worked in the global enterprise software and services business for more than 20 years. His passion for ongoing innovation within the technology sector has seen him lead major enterprise software vendors and start-ups alike.

For the past 10 years Nic's focus has been in the Global Resource sector, where he has lead and improved value for iconic brands including Whittle & Surpac Software, Mincom, Gemcom, TSG and Snowden.

Our Partners

CHASM Ventsim™

Category: Technical

Ventsim™ is the industry standard App for underground mine airflow simulation. It is based on incompressible flow simulation routines showing real airway dimensions and shapes together in 3D with animated air flows.


Category: Productivity

CSafe™ provides the tools to help ensure the health and safety of your personnel, as well as identify, record and mitigate potential risks and hazards in your workplace.


Category: Executive

A leading resource and reserve reporting App with the power to ensure responsible and accurate governance across the mining industry.

RCubed automates the collation of information related to resources and reserves, creating a sound environment for accountability for the numerous sources of data and ensuring competent sign-off throughout.

Try RCubed for the most robust resource auditing App to record the only data that matters.


Mineler Freedom

Category: Productivity

Subscribe to Mineler Freedom for best-value end-to-end management for your business by building bullet-proof processes and auditing trails for just about any task.

From your dashboard view and manage work requests to and from team members, record your timesheets, manage opportunities in the CRM, create projects and view reports across everything.


Category: Social

Mineler is the world’s first social network for the global mining community.

Join thousands on Mineler’s digital marketplace to discover a world of valuable connections, opportunities, tools and resources, specific to mining and resources, all in one place.

CHASM Pumpsim™

Category: Technical

Pumpsim™ can solve problems by ensuring that pumps and pipes are correctly sized and rated, and that the reticulation design is optimal for all required activities.

Use Pumpsim™ to model pipe and pump pressure, flow quantities and velocities, open and closed pipes and channels and much more.


Category: Executive

NPV ONE provides a unique, industry specific App which is aimed at providing an error free project feasibility and project sensitivity analysis tool for all piers in the mining industry.

This includes banks, institutional investors, resource companies, engineering consultants, brokers and corporate advisors.

Mine Excellence BIMS

Category: Technical

BIMS is software for storing, managing, retrieving and most importantly analysing drill and blast related information.

Blasting operations routinely present the problem of vibrations, flyrock and correct blast design.

Readily available past data in a logical format and blasting data analysis tools are the key features of BIMS.

The Next Big App

Category: You choose!

There are decades of valuable IP out there, still undiscovered. Commercialising on Cloudmine benefits you and your users, helping you gain business traction and market penetration.

Talk to us about any idea, innovation or current software you have, and we will help bring it to the mining and resources industries via the cloud!



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cloudmine was created to fill a gap in the market for cloud-based mining technologies.

Customers of cloudmine can benefit from the flexibility that mining software as a service (SaaS) provides.

cloudmine responds to the mining industry’s need for streamlined productivity and cost reduction with proven, adaptive and easy-to-use technology.

cloudmine provides mining professionals with an ever-growing toolbox of high-value mining applications.

It also promotes application developers and the future of cloud-based mining software, providing developers with a forum to communicate with their peers and market their creations.

  • The concept of cloudmine taps into a global mega-trend coupled with an industry set for a significant transformation with the use of innovative technology.

    Ben Auld
    Ben Auld
    Managing Director - Mining Plus
  • cloudmine is an innovative concept enabling mining technology commercialisation in large scale. What was not previously available to smaller players due to the high costs is now within reach with cloudmine.

    Paul Faix
    Paul Faix
    Managing Director - Mineler


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